Antzoulis v. Scrymgeour, et al.

Bench trial in 22nd JDC with Judge Badeaux. Plaintiff was injured in a fall on rental property and sued the owner and the property manager. After all defendants settled with plaintiff, our client, the property manager, proceeded to trial on its cross claim against the property manager seeking reimbursement of the amount it paid in settlement. The cross claim was based on indemnity language in the property management agreement in favor of our client. The cross claim was tried to Judge Badeaux who took the matter under advisement. We await his decision. The primary issue at trial was whether the property manager could recover from the property owner if the property manager was partially at fault.

Judge Badeaux ruled that property manager could not recover from landlord under language in indemnity provision of the real estate property management agreement.

Baton Rouge, Louisiana office (2/18/16)

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