Odis Jones v. Motion Industries, et al.

Plaintiff claimed injury after a rear-end accident. We represented the driver, employer and insurer of the rear-ending company vehicle. Plaintiff had prior back problems in 1994 and 2007, but no treatment between 2007 and our accident in 2012. He claimed to be asymptomatic before our accident. Following our accident, plaintiff was diagnosed with a very large lumbar disc herniation which had tripled in size from 2007. The treating doctor and the IME both agreed that fusion surgery was needed even though a more recent MRI showed that the “massive” herniation had reduced in size over time since our accident. Plaintiff never got surgery, but claimed he was going to have the surgery post-trial. Past medicals were $11,700 and the cost of surgery was $121,000.

Plaintiff’s pre-trial settlement demand was $450,000. At trial, plaintiff requested $750,000 from the jury. The jury awarded $186,000 after a 3-day trial.

Baton Rouge, Louisiana office (2/4/16)

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