Patricia Spann v. Gerry Lane Chevrolet


Baton Rouge, LA - 12/4/15

Plaintiff alleged steering went out causing her vehicle to cross median where it was struck by other vehicles. She sustained several facial fractures, wrist fracture, three vertebral fracture, temp trach and PEG tube with multiple surgeries. $182.000.00 in meds. Claim was dealership negligently performed recall work on her power steering 11 months earlier. Lowest pre-trial demand was $300,000.00. Plaintiff asked jury for $1,000,000.00 in closing arguments. Jury found liability against the dealership, but hit plaintiff with 70% comparative and awarded $172,000.00 in total damages. Net verdict was $51,000.00. Plaintiff filed post-trial motions which were granted increasing the jury’s verdict such that the net judgment against defendants was increased to $210,000. We are appealing.

Patricia Spann vs. Gerry Lane Enterprises, Inc. d/b/a Gerry Lane Chevrolet; U&E File No. 36-12272

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