Wagley v. State National Insurance Company et al.

Bench trial in Gonzales, Louisiana. Plaintiff stipulated to damages below $50,000. Plaintiff was the passenger in a vehicle rearended by the insured-driver. Her last medical treatment was in 2014. Plaintiff is claimed that her pain level after the accident was higher than before, that her symptoms were worse, and that a lumbar bulge turned into a lumbar herniation post-accident. Before the accident, Dr. Isaza discussed surgery. Plaintiff had lumbar epidural steroid injections before the accident which provided only short-lived relief. She admitted that she didn’t have any injections after our accident and did not see any orthopedic surgeons after our accident except for our IME. Plaintiff submitted total post-accident medical bills of $7,200; however, she was actively treating at the time of our accident. After taking the matter under advisement, the judge awarded plaintiff $50,000.

Baton Rouge, Louisiana office (4/5/16)

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